Brandungen is a work of art based on a combination of sound and space, realised in collaboration with the musician Werner Cee. It takes place inside the so-called Oktogon of the Town Gallery at Sindelfingen, an octagonal tower with several floors linked by a winding staircase. A special device installed at the top of the tower reproduces the sound of waves breaking onto a reef. The laying of fist-sized, coloured blue limestones on the floor below creates an artificial sea. This sea made of stones awakens associations and fires the imagination, thus bridging the gap between reality and phantasy. Nature is no longer represented as a landscape, but with symbols and sounds to evoke it from memory.
Materials used: limestones, pigments, glue.
Surf Breaking


Space-sound installation  with Werner Cee
Städtischen Galerie Sindelfingen
(Sindelfingen Town Gallery)